ATP Benefits

Benefits of MISD to Accredited Training Partners (ATP)

Will appeal to HR Staff development and service professionalization in one offering
Credible Written by respected industry figure, globally acknowledged expert and bestselling author in IT Support Management
Compatible Because it is specialised practice, it does not compete with existing frameworks, but can work alongside ITIL, COBIT, and ISO20000, (all trademarks acknowledged)
Satisfies ubiquitous need Aimed at businesses, not just IT. Deals with the service IT users actually want – creates a potential pull market of users wanting better, quicker tech support
Huge market potential The IT sector employs 1 in 20 workers in the UK and all of these are potentially involved in IT support. With only a 5% takeup, that’s a potential for 63,000 enrolments a year in the UK alone
Proven in practice Techniques tested in real-life IT support departments and delivered as training to hundreds of IT support professionals over 25 years – unlike ITIL, can benchmark itself to prove itself scientifically, not just by self-interested contention
Students implement as is Unlike the main ITSM frameworks, it is focused on how-to, right down to what numbers to measure and what is good and bad. Method, not just process. No need for students to interpret and adapt. Just do it.
New ITSM market Can be used by companies who do not adopt ITIL or any other frameworks
New customer base Works in small companies where ITIL would be overkill
Expanded customer base Includes specialised content for channel companies (MSPs, VARs, Vendors etc.) providing external support, which ITIL has never directly covered
Versatile Suitable for classroom or online delivery
Differentiation opportunities Recommends, but does not teach ancillary soft skills – ATPs may add own content for this and thus differentiate from competitors
Quick development Body of Knowledge includes slide deck recommendations, tutor notes and/or VO scripts for online courses