About MISD

Mastering IT Support Delivery (MISD) is a curriculum of career-spanning, accredited qualifications in IT Support professionalism. MISD is for anybody in any size of IT Support, either corporate internal, or external as provided by vendors, value-added resellers (VAR) and managed-service providers (MSP).

Delivering MISD

MISD is delivered as a sequence of training courses. Qualification is gained by completing classroom study, followed by passing an examination.

MISD starts with a Foundation for all IT support staff, both operatives and section heads. Another qualification then shows aspiring technicians how to shift from an operative to managerial mindset. A further syllabus provides detailed instruction in managing a technical workgroup. Finally, there is advanced training, with a focus on devising a support strategy, making the business and financial case for it, and implementing the result. Unlike other training curricula in the sector, MISD does not stop at the Servicedesk. This is because in most organisations, the expertise required to provide a given support solution may be found in any of the specialist departments of IT or its external providers.

So if you work in either internal or external support as a (for example)…

  • network team leader
  • First Line supervisor
  • head of Desktop Support
  • AV specialist
  • user services manager
  • Scrum leader needing a product support method
  • service desk apprentice
  • user support technician
  • business applications developer solving escalated problems
  • CIO looking for a coherent, practical IT support strategy
  • anybody else helping users back to productivity through their IT

…then MISD is for you.

MISD in Focus

  • Practical, proven, exercised, how-to. MISD does not advise on framework, rather it instructs on method. It is the result of decades of direct, real-life experience of delivering excellent IT Support, topped by research and invention.
  • Focus on people: on their skillsets, their application to the job, and their motivation. One of MISD’s many maxims is the importance of job satisfaction – get that right and so much more falls into place. In MISD, leadership and motivation are key topics in a general emphasis on the quality of workgroup management.
  • Focus on customers: The authors of MISD have long since realised that IT users do not measure IT support success by some arbitrary targets in a Service Level Agreement, but on something else entirely. Applying the right practices there will make customer satisfaction the norm, rather than something that needs a special effort. And this can be achieved without forcing technicians to become customer service experts.
  • Business basis: MISD realises that what IT Support does for a living is restore users to productivity, when that productivity has been impeded by an an issue with information technology or its use. That productivity is the very point of business – it is what produces corporate revenue. IT support has a business financial, not technical basis – and this truth underlies MISD philosophy, methods, and lessons.

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To read articles on MISD’s practical approach to providing excellent IT support, have a look at the blog pages.

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